The Company was formed as Midwest Well Logging in December 1964 by Hoyt Hudspeth and Harold McConnell.  Hoyt and Ruthe Hudspeth purchased all of Harold’s interest in 1972 and renamed the company Petroleum Well Logging, Inc.  It operated under that name until 1987 when the name as changed to Petroleum Mud Logging, Inc (PML).

The Company’s extensive client base attracted the attention of Rentech, Inc., a Denver, Colorado base corporation, in early 1999.  Rentech purchased PML in June 1999.  New management was installed and an electronics consultant was retained to design a new ‘state of the art’ gas monitoring system that utilized the latest electronics technology.

A Windows operated Data Acquisition System program was written to operate PML’s new gas monitoring equipment.  The new system plots Total Gas every one second and a chromatograph analysis every two minutes.  Additionally, the new system allows clients to view ‘real time’ drilling of zones of interest with Internet Explorer.

In November 2006, Petroleum Mud Logging, Inc. was purchased by a private investment group and renamed PML Exploration Services LLC.  The name change was done to better reflect the long term goals of the company.